Imported Sheep Inspection Rules

The following society inspection methods have been agreed upon to safeguard the quality and legitimacy of the UK foundation breeding stock, these may appear to be a little restrictive and/or excessive but please be assured they are to protect this new breed within the UK.


  • Due to there not being a current standard society flock book published within Holland (or any other country of origin), DSS(UK) must record the parentage, as a minimum, for imported sheep. These records (collected from the breeders private recordings) are transfered to our grassroots system and shall become our initial and foundation breeding records to build upon.
  • With the absence of a current society sale inspection, the photo/video evidence is required to authenticate the visual aspect of the sheep. These are required to eliminate the possibility that cross-bred DSS may be offered up for registration within the pure flock book. (Once numbers allow there will be arranged society sales) 
  • The breeders details are needed so we can verify they are a recognised breeder of pure DSS 
If you require more information or clarity on our inspection methods please contact DSS(UK)


All imported sheep from any country outside the UK must be inspected prior to registration within DSS(UK)


For all imported animals, as a minimum, its parents must be recorded by a bona-fide Dutch Spotted Sheep breeder and member of the NLBS (Nederlands Bontet Schaap) or association in their country of origin. (This may be more than one country). If the said paperwork carries the correct information, and the sheep is from a recognised breeder, the sheep shall be eligible for registration only after inspection by the DSS(UK)’s charity trustees. If the said paperwork doesn’t carry all the correct information, the sheep may only be eligible (after inspection) for registration at 75% or grade 3.


The following will be discussed with the trustees:


a) Where no paper work or pedigree exists and the breeder is not a member of the NLBS (Nederlands Bontet Schaap) or association in their country of origin – then the animal will be registered as 50% or grade 4.


b) If an application for registration is refused or withdrawn, the owner of the said sheep shall have the right of appeal to the charity trustees, which will appoint three charity trustees to inspect the animal again and advise the remaining charity trustees. Any decision then made by the charity trustees will be final.


Inspection Method


For each individual sheep the following 5 criteria must be submitted to the secretary either in video or photograph format, along with the appropriate DSS(UK) import paperwork (which can be downloaded from our download page or requested from the secretary). The breeders details and a copy of the original import certificate must accompany this paperwork. This will then be distributed to all trustees for discussion before registration is approved with DSS(UK). 


Top Left, Ear Tag      Middle Top, Head      Top Right, Front     Bottom Left, Back     Bottom Right, Full Side View


Where video or photographs cannot be taken by the owner, an inspection by DSSUK trustees can be arranged to submit the video/photos on the owners behalf.  In this case the inspector(s) will be nominated by the trustees to attend at an arranged time and venue.  This will incur a nominal fee per sheep and mileage fee payable to DSSUK prior to the inspection.

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Please note: All fees paid to DSSUK must be made in Pounds Sterling.

All fees must be paid before any request for registration, transfer or membership can be processed.

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