Established in 1992 and currently one of the longest and most established waste farm plastic recyclers in the world, Solway Recycling Ltd has unparalleled experience in farm plastics recycling.

Agricultural Recycled Plastic Sheets

  • Stokbord - Recycled plastic sheeting strong durable
  • EcoSheet - New recycled plastic sheet 18mm thick very easy to clean.

Everything you need For Lambing

  • Sheep Pens - modular sheep pens are easily built in a row or side by side can be built with or without a roof.
  • Sheep Pen Attachments - designed specifically with our sheep pens in mind all our sheep handling equipment is designed for safety and comfort.
  • Circular Lamb Adopter - Designed to remove chances of false mothering ideal the lamb adopter plastic is 100% recycled plastic.
  • Lamb Shelters - Can be built with our creep feeder system or without
  • Lamb Warming Box - Save your lambs this season with this purpose built reviver box.

The Best Recycled Plastic Shelters, Pens And Arks Available Today

  • Calf Pens - Our plastic pens are hard wearing and can be built up in modular fashion.
  • Calf Lodges - Occasionally called calf hutches perfect modular calf housing easily moved around when needed.
  • Plastic Pig Arks - Our pig housing is 100% recycled plastic durable and easy maintenance.
  • Field Shelters - Our recycled plastic field shelters will require the minimum of treatment are easy to move and will last a lifetime.

Simple Solution To Ground Stabilisation Problems

  • Cowtrak - soil stabilisation system cowtrak will stabilise soil wherever implemented on your farm.

The Farmers Recycling Solution

  • Recycling Bins - Our Solway recycling bin system is ideal for agricultural waste disposal.


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