The Society


is the official DEFRA approved breed society for the Dutch Spoteed Sheep.

Formed initially by the foundation members and owners of Dutch spotted sheep within the UK and then in 2016 as a registered charity (CIO).

The society was founded to bring together people of every background and all ages and provide a professionally run service to all owners, breeders and enthusiasts of Dutch Spotted Sheep.

The original importer is to be acknowledged as Mr C Maguire from Lancashire.  


During our organised events throughout the year, we hope that members have the opportunity to meet new firends and like-mnded owners/breeders whilst having fun and learning from each other's experience and expertise - we're always happy to welcome new members to the society.  Please drop us an email or give us a call, we'd love to hear from you. 


The Sheep

The Dutch Spotted Sheep originates from Holland where the breed can be traced back to before World War One. 
The purpose of this hardy breed of sheep was originally to graze the dykes (Dikes) in Holland helping with the maintenance.  There are approximately 1000 breeder’s, the majority of whom are based in Holland, but there are k
nown flocks in Germany, France, Spain and now the UK! 


Main Traits:

•    Thrive on a grass-based system producing a quality meaty carcase 
•    Light boned with a large framework
•    High killing out percentage, lean meat
      and a unique taste  
•    Easy lambing with lambs getting up quickly to suck
•    High yeilding and plentiful milk 
•    Good mouths and excellent hard feet 
•    Mature weight
      Females           75kg - 95kg
      Males             115kg - 135kg 
•    Easy to handle with an inquisitive nature


Tynefield House

Bridge Lane


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All fees paid to DSSUK must be paid in Pounds Sterling.


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